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Medical Center Facebook Ad Case Study Stats

181 Leads in less than a month and at an amazing cost per lead for one client​​​​

A Medical Firm had trouble getting new customers to book appointments for a new procedure. 


They approached us to develop an acquisition system for them and within one month; they received over 180 new leads (prospects) and booking over 80% of them.

Customers booked them out for the next few months and the firm is still continuously getting new leads every day.

You deserve these results and more for your business!

We are providing the SuperStars Promotion, a two-week trial of these Customer Acquisition Services to new customers for only 

 $250 USD 

$100 USD

connecting lots of customers

With this service, you will receive,

  • Optimized Advertising to get your ideal customers aware of your company and your services
  • Landing Page or Opt-In form that provides an offer that has them jumping at the opportunity of working with you
  • Instant updates when customers sign up to an active spreadsheet and an email address of your choice
  • Breakdown of how well the service worked and how you should proceed going forward

Before you apply, please consider this.

To be eligible for this service, there are a few things to meet to qualify

  • You should have a social media presence: An existing Social Media Page (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) will show potential customers you’ve existed online for a period. Otherwise, they may question your legitimacy no matter how good your message or offer is. 
  • This is a pay first service: Because of the work involved and the ad expenditure required, you cannot pay ‘after the fact’ or ‘during the promotion’. The service will start as soon as payment is received and acknowledged by the staff of DF Studios.
  • Your product or service must have high margins: Because these are discovery services initially, and you may not understand who your true ideal clients are, the costs of a sale through our services will be higher. Typically, we average around 5 USD to 10 USD cost per sale. In order for this process to make sense for your company, we recommend you have a profit margin of 50% and over.
  • There is no refund or guarantee policy for this special: With this two week special offer, as specified before, because of the work involved and most your funds going towards the ad expenditure required, there is no refund policy nor is there a guarantee of getting the leads you desire. All we can show you is data that has worked in the past for clients that worked with us and has worked for countless other businesses before and use this to fuel the success of your own business

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my business or organisation has been qualified for the SuperStars Promotion (Two week Trial)?

You will receive a call or email from us when we have selected your company to be a part of this amazing offer. Because of the huge demand for this service, please provide us a week’s grace before we decide.

What happens if I want to continue the Customer Acquisition Services with your company after the trial?

We will get in contact with you when your trial is ending to allow you to request an extension of the services. From there we will provide you with our package breakdown and you may choose a package in your budget in which to proceed.

Can I use the service on multiple businesses and take advantage of the SuperStars Promotion with each?

If the business is co-owned with another person that is not part of a business that took part in the promotion before, then that person can apply to the SuperStars Promotion. We believe in helping as many businesses as we can and would like many people to have a chance to experience our wonderful service.

Do you offer discounts for multiple businesses with the Customer Acquisition Services (not the SuperStars Promotion)?

Yes, we do. You can contact us at [email protected] about your query and we will get back to you as soon as possible on it.

What if I wanted to continue with the Customer Acquisition Services during the trial (before it ends), is there any benefit in doing this?

Yes, there is a huge benefit we reveal to you once you fill in the form and send your information.

Who are we?

DF Studios is a digital marketing and production company specialising in the development of business sales funnels, websites, apps, video game and e-books.

My name is Mikkell Khan, and I am a Digital Marketing Specialist and Creative Director of DF Studios. 

When you work with our company, you can expect the best treatment and attentive focus on the goals for your company and your business needs.

If you have questions about any of our services, inclusive of our Qualified Lead Generation, send me a message at [email protected]

I wish you a wonderful and productive day.

Mikkell Khan

picture of DF Studios Manager

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