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Recent Case Study

Medical Center Facebook Ad Case Study Stats

181 Leads in less than a month and at an amazing cost per lead for one client

A Medical Firm had trouble getting new customers to book appointments for a new procedure. 


They approached us to develop an acquisition system for them and within one month; they received over 180 new leads (prospects) and booking over 80% of them.

Customers booked them out for the next few months and the firm is still continuously getting new leads every day.

You deserve these results and more for your business!

“Before we started working with DF Studios, nothing seemed to be working for us. We were hoping that we could get at least 50 new clients for our new medical process. We tried radio, television, newspapers, social media advertising, and yet we were not getting any bookings. We approached DF Studios for their services and within a few days we were already getting several people who were interested and booking appointments. The system works and it is working incredible for us. I am glad we implemented it into our organization.”

dr fuad khan testimonial

Dr. Fuad Khan Senior Urologist Saint Augustine Private Hospital (Medical Center)

“I needed assistance with engaging customers on social media, and I was making no progress in what I was doing. I got advice from Mikkell of DF Studios that helped and they also did a campaign that drove way more traffic and customers who purchased on my website, and others visitors who made enquiries for future purchases which increased my overall clients that were not there previously. What attracts me the most to this company is they listen to what the client needs. They do research and provide me with suggestions to improve my business I didn’t even know were possible. They make me feel like there is always hope.”

Paulette Testimonial

Paulette Narinesingh Managing Director Art de joulie limited (Art and Events company)

How Does it Work?

reach the attention you want

We grab Internet Users attention with your Ads

Our team of expert copywriters develop and release a great advertisement for you that is statistically proven to reach your target audience and get their attention to take you up on our offer.

We create Landing Pages that convert visitors to qualified leads

We then send your interested visitors to a landing page written by our top converting (visitors to customers) sales team to send their contact information for your offer (special price, value-added product, exclusive good, etc.) .

We also ask the right questions, so we can filter out the good leads from the bad.

getting more customersclient gets new alert for customer

We Provide Quickly Updated Lists and Emails That Alert you to New Potential Customers

Once your visitors send their information, it seamlessly goes into a live spreadsheet and email for you or a delegated representative to view.

From there, your visitors (now potential customers) are waiting on a call from you to sell them your products / services. 

We re-target/re-market to potential customers that did not purchase or leave information the first time

Life happens, we know. Your potential customers might get distracted for a moment and forget to send their details to you.

But… we know they were interested.

Remarketing to an audience that has visited your page or opened your registration form but did not purchase or submit is a surefire way for us to get you even more potential customers to contact.  

remarketing to clients

Who are we?

DF Studios is a digital marketing and production company specialising in the development of business sales funnels, websites, apps, video game and e-books.

My name is Mikkell Khan, and I am a Digital Marketing Specialist and Creative Director of DF Studios. 

When you work with our company, you can expect the best treatment and attentive focus on the goals for your company and your business needs.

If you have questions about any of our services, inclusive of our Qualified Lead Generation, send me a message at [email protected]

I wish you a wonderful and productive day.

Mikkell Khan

picture of DF Studios Manager

Step up your business with qualified leads and a supply of eager customers for your business

Once you book a call and fill out our pre-call forms, we can get started as soon as possible.

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