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Social Media Management, Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising

Struggling to get customers to find your store or purchase your products or services?

It always seems so easy in the starting. To open a store, create a product, learn a new skill and provide a service for it, and then to believe the hard work is over. That people will tell others about your amazing commodity and they will come in droves to purchase it.

What usually happens after that? Crickets? Maybe a few organic sales here and there, but never enough to justify the expenditure of the original project or the choice to continue the upkeep of it.

This is where Lead Generation, Sales Funnels, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising would be your allies in ensuring that the right people, at the right time, get your product or service or are aware of your store, when it is most needed.

It’s time to give your store, products and services the awareness and customers it deserves, and the ability to make an impact on people’s lives.

When you put something out to the world, its because you want to solve an existing problem, and people are willing to pay you for the solution to that problem. That is a excellent cause and reasoning for what you want to do. However, because new potential customers do not know you exists, they are unable to like what you have to offer, and thus, they cannot trust what you have. We provide you the tools for your success in developing what is called the “Know-Like-Trust” factor. Where your ideal client knows you exist, likes what you have to offer, and trust that you are the company to provide that to them.

Lead Generation is the process that identifies, cultivates and databases the potential customers for your product or service. This is a key component in the Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising process. Using our ebook services to develop persuasive lead magnets are a good way to do this.

Sales Funnels are the journey that a customer goes through to go from someone who does not know you exist, to a full fledged, paying, loyal, repeat customer. You start with a lot of potential customers who may or may not have heard of your product or service. A smaller part of that group may want to learn more and follow your company online, and a smaller part of that group can purchase from you.

Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising is the magic of getting those customers into the Lead Generation and Sales Funnels we create for you. From Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, and other high traffic/user platforms, we ensure that you get the maximum use of your ad spend dollars to convert as many quality customers as possible.

Why DF Studios Limited?

DF Studios would be your trusted partner in your journey to create the brand awareness and recognition that your company deserves through our Digital Advertising and Marketing. We have helped numerous persons like yourself and spent tons on advertising to figure out what works best in most scenarios.

  • We have flexible payment plans that allow you to pay as you go. You can start with a smaller ad spend budget and venture higher based on how you are feeling about the results.
  • We save you time with our in house everything. Whatever you need from Ad Copy, Landing Page Creation, Ad Spend Experts, Sales Funnel and Email Marketing creation, Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising Strategists, we have a professional who will assist you in all those aspects.
  • We provide you with data on what’s working for your brand and who is clearly interested in your product. This is data you can use to entice potential new customers by easing their resistance to buying, streamlining the overall process, and in many cases, provide you with information to create an alternative or complementary product or service people want and you never even thought about.

So let’s chat and see how we can help.

Schedule a time to speak with us and we can have a one on one consultation with you and one of our team members for the Lead Generation, Sales Funnels and Digital Marketing that you’ve always wanted to try but were too afraid to start on your own.

If you would like to get in contact with us another way, you can email us at [email protected] or call us at 1(868)221-0840.