Elements of Million Dollar High Converting Sales Pages

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Creating high converting sales pages or landing page that converts visitors into customers is no straightforward task. However, by following the right steps and including the right elements, you can make your sales page an automatic cash printing machine. In this article, we will discuss the key things you need to include in order to achieve this goal. The top sales pages have most if not all these elements.

sales pages done right increase sales for companies and professionals
Sales Pages with these elements will help increase sales for companies and professionals very time


The first thing you need to do in your sales page is create a headline that grabs your visitor’s attention. This headline should create curiosity. You can do this by using one of these tactics within it.

Either making a bold promise (such as “Increase your sales by X% in just 30 days!”), making an outrageous claim (such as “This sales page increased sales by 1,000% overnight!”), or asking a question that makes your audience think (such as “Are you tired of wasting money on ads that don’t work?” or “Would you like to learn the secret to increasing sales?”)

Next, you need to create a sub-headline that elaborates on the headline. It should give more information about what the visitor can expect to find on the page, without giving too much away. The key is to make them want to scroll to learn more on your sales pages. Each line of text, especially at this stage, should develop curiosity in the visitor to want to check out even more.

The Lead In

After the headline and sub-headline of your sales pages, you go to the Lead in, which seats the stage for your buyer with ideas like presenting a scenario (i.e. “You’re about to close a deal with a potential new client, but they mention that your competition’s sales page is much better than yours..”), starting a story (i.e. “I remember when I first started my business, I was constantly frustrated because no matter how many sales pages I created, they never seemed to convert..”), or asking a few more questions (i.e. “How many sales pages have you created that just didn’t convert?” or “Do you feel you’re constantly struggling to get people to buy from you, even though you know your product is great?”)

The Story

After this you can move to a go further in depth with the story on the sales pages, which allows you to pinpoint the problem that is happening. This can either be your personal story you are sharing, you can tell a story that has happened to others in the past, or you can tell a customer’s story that had the problem and they have since overcome the issue.

The goal in sharing these stories is to make the visitor feel like they are not alone, and that others have had similar issues in the past. This allows them to realize that this solves their problem.

The Pitch

After this, you start with the Pitch. It might seem like a further way down on your sales pages but the audience needs to really connect with you before you reach this point. This is where you tell your visitors what they need to do in order to solve the problem. This is where you introduce your product and then explain the benefits (not features) they can expect from it.

You want to make sure that you focus on the benefits, as this is what will ultimately make the sale. You can do this by using phrases such as “With our product, you will be able to..” or “Our product will help you..”

At this stage, you can provide a short video or image that further explains what you are offering. This is important because it helps to break up the text and make your sales page more visually appealing.

Following the video or image, you need to include a brief description of what you are offering. This should be clear and to the point, and it should include a call to action that can take them directly to make a purchase if they are ready. However, not everyone would be as yet and they would require further information before deciding.

The Evidence

Once you have explained the benefits and shown your media, it’s time for you to show the Evidence on your sales pages.

This is where you present proof that your product will solve their problem. Back up your claims (which should be true with numbers, data, case studies, etc.), provide customer testimonials (which can be as video, text, or both), and build your credibility(by including your experience, awards, etc.).

The Offer

From this point, you will go to the Offer.

Where you would outline what you are providing in three simple steps, explain each piece of what the customer can expect to receive when they purchase (such as bonuses, shipping, guarantee, etc.), build the value of the offer (by stressing how much it would normally cost without the discount, or how long it would take to get results without the product, etc.), and provide), and reveal the price to them (be sure to use a font that stands out from the rest of the sales page so it imprints with them).

The Close

Finally, after all of this, you will provide the Close. You will seal the deal and give them a significant reason to act on getting the offer now.

Remove the risk and any objections they may have(by providing money-back guarantee, by stressing how easy it is to use your product or how quickly they will see results, etc.), sweeten the deal of what you are offering if you can (by adding in additional bonuses, or by extending the guarantee, etc.), create a sense of legitimate urgency (by having the offer only available for a certain period or while supplies last, etc.), have a strong call to action (“Click here to buy now!”), and sometimes, offer a stern warning for not acting now (by saying something like “The longer you wait, the more you risk never achieving your dreams!”).

Remember, this offer is for their benefit, and you are doing what you can to help them.


By following these steps and including these elements, you will have the ability to write sales pages that converts visitors into customers. With a little practice, you can make your sales page an automatic cash printing machine. Designing sales pages will become easier as time goes on as it all takes some trial and error. At first it will be bad, and then alright, and then good, and then finally you’ll be making great sales pages.

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