10 Creative Uses for a Green Screen

A majority of today’s feature films use a particular technique of visual effects known as CHROMA KEY COMPOSITING (chroma keying for short). Commonly used in video production and post-production, chroma keying is used to remove a background from the subject of a video or photo. The most common use of chroma keying is the addition of a digitally-created background, oftentimes with other visual effects added to it, behind a subject. The aptly-titled “green screen” is currently the preferred method of applying these ‘synthetic’ backgrounds to a shot or sequence. Provided that no part of the subject being filmed or photographed has the same colour as the green screen, this technique can be used to create believable – and sometimes extraordinary – visuals.

Here are 10 creative ways in which you can use a green screen for your own video or photo production.

1. Create the action scene of your dreams.


2. Design imaginary worlds.


3. Take your method acting to a whole new level.


4. Make your actors do unbelievable things.


5. Create a believable background for your scene.


6. Add visual effects to a particular prop.


7. Film a scene that would be impossible for you to shoot in real life.


8.Add detail to a location in your film.


9. Clone yourself.


10.Make yourself invisible.


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