Finding Customers for Your Business: 6 Strategies That Really Work

Nearly 63 percent of companies experience problems with the generation of leads (the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers) because the right strategic approach to customer acquisition isn’t employed. Almost 40 percent fail seeing a sufficient return on investment (ROI) as a result of their marketing efforts.

Knowing how to find and retain customers is one of the keys to ensuring your company’s long-term success. While industry specifics do play a role, certain customer acquisition approaches tend to be much more effective than others.

Use the Power of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and other inbound advertising approaches build relationships and provoke emotional responses on behalf of the audience. In addition, inbound promotion is highly targeted and cost-efficient. These are just a few of the reasons why social media marketing appeals to a wide range of businesses.

The term inbound marketing refers to attracting clients in a way that establishes trust and builds relationships. Social media marketing is a prime example but it’s not the only one (content creation, building a quality website, video creation, email marketing and guest posting all fall under the umbrella).

Almost 90 percent of marketers report that social media exposure leads to increased brand recognition. There’s a simple reason why – one in three people looking for information about a product or a brand turn to social media for details.

Social media profiles show the human face of a business and they allow for more effortless communication than other channels. To get best results, you should strive for multi-channel presence. Each platform comes with its specifics and it can be used to accomplish a customer acquisition goal (increased brand identity, visual product presentations, casual interactions, the provision of quality customer service, etc.).

Develop a Professional Sales Funnel

A Quick Introduction to Sales Funnels to speed things up

Marketing often starts with getting cold traffic (people who visit your site or campaigns without having a clue about who you are) but if you don’t take the process a step further, you’ll never turn leads into customers.

To accomplish the goal, you have to develop a professional sales funnel.

Sales funnel development has a number of important steps:

  • Identify the right group of prospects – people who have some type of interest in your business, products or services
  • Qualify your prospects (conduct polls, interact with prospects, create a product that appeals to the specific group)
  • Continue working on building the relationship (the provision of freebies is one example of a good approach)
  • Deliver a valuable offer based on your understanding of prospects

There are many strategies for accomplishing each of the goals but the key here is to get customers to trust you and turn to you when they need a relevant product or a service.

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Word of Mouth Promotion

Your satisfied customers can play an important role in further client acquisition efforts.

A staggering 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from the people that they know.

Online testimonials and reviews are also considered quite credible. Nearly 90 percent of people read online reviews before visiting a business.

Encourage your clients to share some honest feedback and strive to make your service the best it could be. These are two of the essentials you’ll need to focus on in order to benefit from word of mouth promotion.

Host Events and Workshops

Events, workshops and seminars may be seen as old-school or traditional advertising approaches but they can deliver excellent results in terms of customer acquisition.

The reason why they work is simple – industry events give you a chance to build your reputation.

If you’re seen as an authority in the respective field, you’ll get your brand to be readily recognizable.

Hosting an event or a workshop yourself is an even better choice for enhancing your reputation in the industry.

Such endeavors don’t have to be massive, expensive and difficult to organize. An online workshop or even a conference can be scheduled through the use of live streaming solutions and it will be as impactful, as a traditional event.

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Offer Freebies

Freebies have already been discussed as an important part of the sales funnel but they can be so effective that they deserve their own entry in the list.

Offering freebies builds relationships with prospects and takes the communication to the next level. You’re offering something valuable and you’re putting an effort in addressing the needs of potential clients. As a result of freebie utilization, prospects will be more positively inclined to respond to a sales offer.

A free sample, even a digital freebie like an ebook or a whitepaper, can serve as the “hook” that will provoke prospects to engage with your brand. Once they do, making the transition to qualified leads or even customers becomes easier.

To make the right decision about freebie or promotional marketing, you will need to calculate the cost and examine the manner in which a freebie is going to affect your bottom line. Nothing comes for free, which is why the results a freebie will yield should exceed the cost of making such an offer available to your prospects.

Team Up with Another Business

Building your reputation and your brand when you’re a newcomer to a certain area can be difficult (especially if you’re already facing stiff competition).

When you find it impossible to engage in effective customer acquisition on your own, you may want to consider partnering up with someone else.

This model is known as a host-beneficiary arrangement.

Host-beneficiary arrangements are powerful marketing tools that can benefit both parties involved. The benefits for you are obvious – you get access to an already established customer base that your host has developed through the years.

As far as the host is concerned, they will benefit from a special offer that you’ll be offering to their customers.

In order to find a business partner willing to enter a host-beneficiary arrangement with you, it will be imperative to focus on customer service and on the development of a high quality product. When a well-established market player is confident in your ability to deliver, they’ll be more than willing to ensure exposure to their customer base.

These are just a few of the customer acquisition strategies you can rely on today. To choose the method bound to deliver the best results, you have to start from the end. Determine what your goal is and work towards developing a strategic marketing plan capable of delivering the anticipated result.

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