How To Build Your Brand With The Use Of A VA (Virtual Assistant)

Hire a Virtual Assistant? Why do I need to do that?

You are probably asking this? But you need to also ask yourself these other important questions.

Are you wearing several hats at your business and what does your ‘Things to do List’ look like at the beginning of the week? Is it looking like this? Four meetings to attend today, 10 emails to send out, 3 introductory letters to write, 5 business calls to make, 2 projects to manage, and much, much more; while preparing for the public launch of your business in a week? Before you lose your mind, what should you do? How do you build your brand whilst still getting all the work done? Is it even possible?

The solution is to hire a VA. (Virtual Assistant)

What’s a VA or virtual assistant? That’s the person who operates from a remote location and can help you with a list of services, including:

  • Office Administration,
  • Secretarial,
  • Project Management,
  • Transcription,
  • Report Writing,
  • Company Profile Creation,
  • Appointment Booking,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Facebook Management,
  • Sales and Marketing,
  • Event Coordination,
  • Proof Reading,
  • Data Entry

Can you risk losing a million dollar architectural design project because of time management issues? If the answer to that question is ‘NO’ then you need to free up the time that you should be spending on your designs, but that time is now taken up with doing payroll, HR Management, Report writing and data entry. Before you lose out on this huge opportunity, what can you do to resolve this time management problem?

The answer is you need to hire a VA. (Virtual Assistant)

In this Covid 19  global pandemic you are thinking about efficient operations that can be achieved through a reduction in costs. How can you do it? The solution is to hire a VA. It should be noted that VA’s are independent contractors, they are quite diferent from employees. When you hire a VA your expenses are cut tremendously, because you no longer pay for:

  • Annual Leave,
  • Sick Days,
  • Insurance,
  • Office Space,
  • Bonuses,
  • Statutory Contributions,
  • Equipment Cost, and
  • Other Employee Benefits

No time to spend with your family and enjoy those special experiences with your children, because you are working night and day in your business? Before you live a life of regret, due to missing out on those invaluable occurrences, you need to get a quick solution.

The answer to your problem is to hire a VA. (Virtual Assistant)

An experienced VA will give your business the needed support that will allow you the privilege of enjoying that invaluable family time.

Whether your company is brand new or established; are you spending more time attending to supportive tasks at your business rather than building your company? If your valuable time is not spent achieving and working on your core business, then your time is not invested wisely. But what is the solution? Hire a VA that will support your business by attending to tasks like the digital filing, the data entry, email marketing, backlog of reports and letter writing and manage those projects.

At Va Va Jen Virtual Assistant Services we care about your business. Find out how we can support you, while you build your brand and make more use of time.

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Let’s see how we can assist you with even more tasks that a VA or virtual assistant would be great at! Looking forward to speaking to you soon and helping you build the business or profession of your dreams.

This is a guest post by Jenny Gobin of VA VA Jen Virtual Assistant for DF Studios Helpful Blogs and Articles.

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