Best Practices For Marketing On Pinterest

Marketing on Pinterest is one of the versatile, practical, and impactful ways for businesses looking to get their message out. It’s a great place to share content with your audience in an engaging way. But, it’s sometimes challenging to know how best to use this platform for results.

The type of content that performs best on Pinterest is high-quality imagery. There are many strategies to promote content on Pinterest, including optimizing Pinterest SEO. 

Pinterest can be used for marketing through pining photos and adding links to your site. Even so, the best content to post on Pinterest is original pins or pin popular pins.

What are the best practices for marketing on Pinterest? Stay put as we discuss some tips below:

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Pin Images From Other Websites 

This helps you build backlinks that help increase traffic to your website. You should also include keywords within these posts for better search engine optimization. 

Pinterest SEO is the only way if you want to rank well on the social media network.

Create Unique Boards

The most important thing about using Pinterest is creating quality content. If you have too much stuff pinned, people won’t find what they’re searching for when they look at your board. 

Make sure you create different boards for each category of products/services you offer. For example, I created separate boards for my business blog, eBooks, and webinars. 

Also, if you sell shoes, create a board called “Shoes” where people can find much information about different shoes.

Use Hashtags When Posting

Hashtags allow users to search by topic rather than keyword. So instead of searching for shoes, guests simply search for #shoe. 

While this procedure might seem overkill, it’s very helpful because it allows you to reach new audiences who wouldn’t normally see your product. Hashtags are effective when used correctly. 

Good Tags make sure that your image gets found easily. Always tag your images appropriately.

Add Pin Descriptions 

call to actions and boards help when marketing on pinterest and reaching the correct audience

The pins describe what the picture is about. They give context to the user and provide them with additional details. 

There is no need to create dry pins expecting buyers to figure out everything themselves. Instead, add descriptive text under the photo itself. 

People love reading things written right next to pictures! Make sure the words are catchy enough to draw attention.

Include Links To Your Website 

When you link to another page on your website, it gives potential customers more information about your company. In addition, it provides a means of tracking conversions. 

Many companies don’t realize that linking directly to pages on their sites doesn’t count towards their Google Analytics account. However, if you link to a specific page on your site, you’ll receive credit for those clicks. 

Promote Your Pins

promote your pins well when marketing on pinterest

Do you know the power of social media? How do you make sure that the audience knows about your products? Share your pins across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Also, consider sharing via email newsletters or even in-store flyers. Don’t forget to share pinboards on LinkedIn and Quora as well. 

Be Active when marketing on Pinterest

It takes time to grow an audience, so be patient. But once you get traction, keep building momentum. Once you get started, you’ll quickly notice how easy it is to gain followers. 

Just remember to stay consistent and follow through with your plans. Many marketers with good pins fail because they remain dormant after gaining popularity. 

You want to maintain your presence but also continue growing your following. A better way to stay active is to respond to those visiting your pins. 

This will help build trust between yourself and your audience. Thus, it makes it easier for them to buy from you later.

Keep Track Of Analytics

Tracking analytics helps you understand whether or not your efforts were successful. There are many tools available online that let you monitor traffic coming into your site. 

Some examples include Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Hotjar, CrazyEgg, etc. Each tool offers slightly distinct features, but they all serve similar purposes. Check the likes, comments, and shares.

Consider Using Paid Advertising 

Paid ads are very effective at driving traffic to your page. However, keep in mind that most advertisers have strict policies regarding spamming. 

Thus, only use paid ads if you’re confident that you won’t violate any rules. The best thing to do is test various ad campaigns before deciding where to invest your money.

Use Images

Compelling images can drive home the message when used correctly. Make sure you use high-quality photos. 

Avoid stock photography unless you’re willing to pay licensing fees. If you have the product, take high-quality images of it. Otherwise, find someone who does it professionally. You can still register your pins to prevent rampant copyright issues. 

Try New Things

how you can start marketing on pinterest frequently asked questions

Pinterest changes constantly, and extra features are introduced every day. You must be on the lookout to ensure all the updates and upgrades are on your way. If not, then you might find it hard to cope with the ever-changing technology and marketing strategies.


What Type Of Content Performs Best On Pinterest?

The type of content that performs well on Pinterest is images. This works so well because people are visual creatures, and they like to see visual content like pictures rather than words. 

So if you have a product or service, it’s essential to make sure your pins include an image with the description underneath. 

This will help them understand what exactly you are selling without reading through long paragraphs of text.

How Do I Promote My Content On Pinterest?

You can promote your content on Pinterest by using the Pin It button. You will see a box that says “Pin it” when you hover over an image or link to share with friends and followers. 

Clicking this button takes users directly to the pinning page. They can add their description and choose from one of several sizes for the image. 

Still, they can select whether they want to include any text besides the image itself.

How Many Pins Should You Pin A Day?

The maximum number of pins per day should be around 25. If your site is getting more traffic than that, then it’s probably not worth the effort to keep up with all those pins. 

You can always add new ones later if they’re important or valuable for SEO.


In conclusion, Pinterest is a remarkable marketing tool. It’s easy to use, and it can be used for both personal and professional purposes. 

When you apply the Best Practices For Marketing On Pinterest and remain consistent, this tool will help your business grow and be a strong addition to your social media marketing strategy.

If you are looking for expert marketing advice, contact DF Studios. We have a proven track record of helping businesses to grow and develop their brands with our cutting-edge services!

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